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"You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore"

"Vous ne pourrez jamais traverser l'océan à moins que vous ayez le courage de perdre de vue la rive"

A great reminder! Sometimes taking risks can seem frightening because you are afraid of the unknown, afraid of losing your bearings, afraid not to know where you are going ... But to take risks is often necessary to move forward. It is not because you lose sight of the shore that you will never be able to cross the ocean! It takes courage, it's true. But just think of this sense of pride when you reach your goal after crossing the obstacles along your way, think of the pride of having "crossed an ocean" ...

Un excellent rappel ! On peut parfois avoir peur de prendre des risques car on a peur de l'inconnu, peur de perdre ses repères, peur de ne pas savoir vers quoi l'on va... Mais il faut souvent prendre des risques pour avancer. Ce n'est pas parce que l'on perd de vue la rive que l'on n'arrivera jamais à traverser l'océan ! Il faut du courage certes mais pensez à ce sentiment de fierté après avoir traverser les obstacles sur votre chemin et atteint votre objectif, pensez à la fierté d'avoir "traverser un océan"...





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  • miss b
    8 août 2013 - 21 h 33 min

    What a wonderful quote and such good advice. There have been times when I have nervously ‘lost sight of the shore’ but it’s true that when you reach your goal the sense of achievement is worth all the worry!
    I’ve just been reading some of your earlier posts and you have a lovely blog. So pleased to have stumbled across it and delighted to be following along on Bloglovin’ now.

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