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Did you notice these gorgeous stools in mongolian lamb that can be seen in many interiors?

Avez-vous remarqué ces superbes tabourets en agneau de Mongolie que l'on peut voir dans de nombreux intérieurs ?

I love them! And as you already know I am currently redecorating my nieces bedroom so I thought I could make them one so they can sit on a lovely and very soft stool ... So as I promised, here is the first DIY project of my girls bedroom makeover and as you will see it's very easy to do.

Je les adore ! Et comme vous le savez déjà je suis actuellement en train de redécorer la chambre de mes petites nièces alors j'ai pensé leur en fabriquer un pour qu'elles puissent s'asseoir sur un joli tabouret tout doux... Alors comme promis, voici le premier DIY de mon projet déco de chambre de filles  très facile à réaliser comme vous allez le voir.

So I used an Ikea stool (pink of course) and a white mongolian lamb cushion cover.

J'ai donc utilisé un petit tabouret de chez Ikea (rose bien sûr) et une housse de coussin en agneau de Mongolie de couleur blanche.

I started by taking off the top of the stool to keep only the metal structure.

J'ai commencé par enlever le dessus du tabouret pour ne garder que la structure en métal.

Then simply use the round of the seat that has been removed as a template to draw two circles: one in a wooden board and the other one in a foam with a thickness of about 4 cm. Cut them using a jig saw for the board and scissors for the foam.

Ensuite, il suffit d'utiliser le rond de l'assise qui a été enlevée comme gabarit pour tracer deux cercles : l'un dans une planche en bois et l'autre dans de la mousse d'une épaisseur d'environ 4 cm. Les découper en utilisant une scie sauteuse pour la planche et des ciseaux pour la mousse.

Glue the foam on the wooden board so that it no longer moves. Cover the whole with a layer of flannel and staple on the back of the board.

Coller la mousse sur la planche en bois pour qu'elle ne bouge plus. Recouvrir le tout avec une couche de molleton et agrafer à l'arrière de la planche.

Finally, take the mongolian lamb cushion cover. Remove the rear side and keep only the face with the Mongolia wool. Cover the whole and staple to the back of the wooden board (I kept the whole mongolian lamb side as you can see here the four corners of the cushion cover were stapled). Finally, you only have to screw the new seat on the metal structure with four screws.

Enfin, prendre la housse de coussin d'agneau de Mongolie. Oter la face arrière et ne garder que la face avec la laine de Mongolie. Recouvrir le tout et agrafer à l'arrière de la planche en bois (on voit bien ici que les quatre coins de la housse ont été conservés et agrafés). Pour finir, il n'y a plus qu'à visser cette nouvelle assise sur la structure en métal avec quatre vis.

Et voila your mongolian lamb stool! What do you think? I hope you like it ... On that note, I wish you a great weekend to you all!

Et voilà votre tabouret en agneau de Mongolie ! Qu'en pensez-vous ? J'espère que cela vous plaît... Sur ce, je vous souhaite un excellent week-end à tous !





Images source me, 2 & 3

102 Responses to "DIY : Mongolian Lamb Stool"

  • K @ Shift Ctrl ART
    16 novembre 2012 - 21 h 25 min

    That looks fantastic. Love it!

    • Nadia
      16 novembre 2012 - 21 h 28 min

      Happy that you like it :)

    • Cathy
      28 janvier 2013 - 22 h 57 min

      Love this project! Its gorgeous and so easy. I wondered how these wonderful stools were made!

  • Albertina
    16 novembre 2012 - 23 h 00 min

    Nadia!!! This is amazing!! I will link to it in one of my posts next week so everyone can see this amazing idea!! I really want to try it too!! Now you made me want to go to Ikea asap!! let’s see because its a little far. xx

    • Nadia
      17 novembre 2012 - 1 h 04 min

      Thank you so much Albertina!!!
      Let me know if you try it and send me a picture!
      It’s really easy to do and the mongolian lamb is incredibely soft ♥

  • Kristen
    18 novembre 2012 - 1 h 42 min

    Found this through Albertina at Mimosa Lane. LOVE. So cute and looks totally doable! Pinning!

    • Nadia
      18 novembre 2012 - 21 h 16 min

      Thank you! And yes believe it’s really easy to do ;)

  • Angélica
    18 novembre 2012 - 4 h 08 min

    Uahuuuuu yo había visto muchas veces ese piso peludo y jamás se me hubiese ocurrido como hacerlo!!!!
    El mejor DIY que he visto fácil . Y bello !!!

    • Nadia
      19 novembre 2012 - 9 h 29 min

      Hola Angélica, estoy muy contenta que te guste my DIY!
      No te olvides de enviarme une foto si lo haces ;)

  • Tiffany
    18 novembre 2012 - 17 h 54 min

    I just found this post and your blog through Albertina and Mimosa Lane. I’m so thrilled I did, now your newest follower! I love this DIY. I had ben thinking about doing something like this with a faux sheepship for quite some time now, but I think yours is the better solution. Where did you get the pillow cover?

    • Nadia
      18 novembre 2012 - 21 h 17 min

      So happy that you like it Tiffany!
      I’ll email you the link for the pillow cover!

  • Tiffany
    18 novembre 2012 - 18 h 21 min

    ps. your wallpaper is gorgeous too!

    • Nadia
      18 novembre 2012 - 21 h 16 min

      Thanks ;)

  • Alison
    19 novembre 2012 - 15 h 22 min

    This is beyond fabulous!! I love the combo of the pink and white and your wallpaper is so beautiful!

    • Nadia
      19 novembre 2012 - 19 h 44 min

      Thank you so much Alison! Yes this combo is so pretty and it will be perfect for my girl bedroom makeover ;)

  • Céline - Frenchy Fancy
    19 novembre 2012 - 22 h 44 min

    Très sympa ce tuto, j’adore l’idée !

    • Nadia
      20 novembre 2012 - 0 h 01 min

      Merci, merci :)
      Contente que cela te plaise !
      N’hésites pas à m’envoyer une photo de ta réalisation au cas où tu te lancerais dans ce petit DIY !

  • Astrid
    21 novembre 2012 - 12 h 01 min

    C’est une super idée! Je recherche désespérément des housse de coussin « mongolie », et j’ai du mal à en trouver des abordables, une suggestion?

  • AdamsEva
    27 novembre 2012 - 0 h 18 min

    I Love it! The Stool Looks so great!

    Best wishes

    • Nadia
      27 novembre 2012 - 21 h 33 min

      Thank you so much Eva! You’re really sweet :)

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  • Mrs. Vallejos
    27 novembre 2012 - 22 h 30 min

    Wow! You could take this idea in a lot of directions. It would be very cool to do a bench, too (successive slip cover tops stretched over the bench and padding?). I like the pink very much, and the combination with the wallpaper is just right. You, yes – you, are going on my pinners to follow list!

    • Nadia
      28 novembre 2012 - 7 h 01 min

      Thanks for adding me to your pinners list :)
      And it’s true that this DIY could be great for a bench!!!

  • Lynn Anderson
    28 novembre 2012 - 15 h 32 min

    Absolutely beautiful! I must know where you get the mongolian pillow cover

  • Ela
    29 novembre 2012 - 5 h 53 min

    love it! What a great idea!

  • Angela Conley
    29 novembre 2012 - 6 h 01 min

    This is such a creative idea— and easy! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Rae
    1 décembre 2012 - 9 h 48 min

    Wow Nadia!!! I stumbled on your blog from Ikea Hacker and and am AMAZED!!! I absolutely LOVE everything you’ve done especially this one !! Where did you get the cushion cover ??

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    12 décembre 2012 - 18 h 55 min

    BRILLIANT! thank you for letting me know…i may just try this for my room or office!!

    • Nadia
      14 décembre 2012 - 0 h 09 min

      Great, let me know if you try it!
      And don’t forget to send me pics of your stool!

  • Chantelle
    13 décembre 2012 - 2 h 53 min


    I love your stool! It’s so cute and perfect as a make up vanity stool I think… where did you get the cushion cover?


  • Tiffany
    15 décembre 2012 - 3 h 44 min

    Great idea! Well done! Where did you get the wallpaper – i love it!

  • Samantha
    23 décembre 2012 - 0 h 51 min

    Tres chic! Love the end result. And the wallpaper rocks, too.

    • Nadia
      23 décembre 2012 - 1 h 00 min

      Thank you so much Samantha! Happy that you love it!

  • Angela
    2 janvier 2013 - 18 h 31 min

    Oh, this is so dreamy! You are a very creative girl, Nadia. That stool with that wallpaper is to die for. I have been looking for the pillow cover that you used, and so far no luck. Will keep searching because I can not get your image out of my head! Kudos to you.

  • victoria
    10 janvier 2013 - 18 h 10 min

    Hello Nadia, I found this post and your blog through Mimosa Lane. I’m so overwhelmed I did, I lam in love with your creativity. I had ben thinking about adding something mongolian to the Winter Wonderland room. I think yours is DIY mind blowing ..OMG.. Where did you get the pillow cover??? ? once its completed I will send you a pic of the outcome of  » Nadia’s winter wonderland mongolian stool »

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  • lily
    17 janvier 2013 - 19 h 30 min

    This looks amazing!! What a good idea!


  • meredith
    21 janvier 2013 - 2 h 59 min

    Bought the stool today…please email the link to the cushion cover to me asap!

  • cath
    23 janvier 2013 - 16 h 12 min

    J’adore!! I would look so good in my daughter’s bedroom. I’m going to start looking for an identical cushion cover on this side of the Atlantic!!

  • Kara
    23 janvier 2013 - 16 h 41 min

    Love your idea for this stool! Where did you find the pillow cover?

  • Brilliant Chic
    23 janvier 2013 - 17 h 09 min


    This is lovely! Id love to know your source for the mongolain pillow covers. Im wondering what sixe they were? Id also love to know the name of your wallpaper. Thanks for sharing!

  • Amy
    23 janvier 2013 - 18 h 17 min

    Nadia – Fantastic job! Tres jolie! Where did you get that wallpaper?

  • Shavonda@AHomeFullOfColor
    23 janvier 2013 - 18 h 22 min

    Hi Nadia! Stopping in via LittleGreenNotebook. I absolutely love this stool. Such a super easy DIY project. I may have to make one for myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Lori C.
    23 janvier 2013 - 18 h 38 min

    Such a lovely idea…lucky girls who get to enjoy this.

  • Anne Marie C.
    23 janvier 2013 - 21 h 19 min

    Absolutely love the stool! Could you please share your source for the white mongolian lamb cushion cover? Thank you!

  • Elizabeth
    23 janvier 2013 - 21 h 46 min

    Love this DIY. I’d also love your source for the lamb cushion cover. Thank you!!

  • Nancy
    24 janvier 2013 - 7 h 18 min

    I love this beautiful DIY! Please can you email me the link for the Mongolian lamb skin?

    Thanks so much!

  • Hannie
    24 janvier 2013 - 8 h 27 min

    Love this! where did you get the lamb cushion cover? :D would love to make one for my vanity!

  • Katharine
    24 janvier 2013 - 21 h 36 min

    So inspired! Would love to do one myself-where can I find the cushion cover? Please also share wallpaper source- would love to do my bathroom in wallpaper

  • Leslie Stewart @ House on the Way
    25 janvier 2013 - 3 h 43 min

    I love it! Such a great idea!

  • Jennings
    25 janvier 2013 - 23 h 48 min

    Love the stool AND that wallpaper! Would love to know what the paper is if you wouldn’t mind sharing!! It is perfect!

  • Amberly
    28 janvier 2013 - 6 h 23 min

    I feel like you were reading my mind when you came up with this DIY! I LOVE this! I can’t wait to try it, it’s now at the top of my list. I’m excited to see more of your blog! :)

  • Elissa
    28 janvier 2013 - 16 h 51 min

    Yes, yes, yes that wallpaper is gorgeous! When I saw the post on LGN, I just kept staring at your walls!! Any info you have would be greatly appreciated. And, of course, wonderful DIY! Such a creative and beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing!

  • Tara
    28 janvier 2013 - 21 h 59 min

    Absolutley beautiful! Any chance you can let me know where you got the pillow cover from?

  • Kathryn
    29 janvier 2013 - 5 h 55 min

    so gorgeous! I too found you through Little Green Notebook. Would you mind emailing me the source for the cushion cover? Also, I’m curious — could you do this project using the original stool seat instead of a board? Thanks!

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    7 février 2013 - 0 h 35 min

    Wow!!! You did a great job!!!! I have a bench that I would love to add Mongolian fur. Where did you purchase the fur?? I love the wallpaper!!! :)

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  • Margo
    20 mars 2013 - 16 h 32 min

    I absolutely love this little chair, could you please let me know where you bought the cushion cover because I’m itching to make a similar one myself!

  • SP
    26 mars 2013 - 3 h 52 min

    This is really pretty. I tried to search for the Mongolian fur and it’s pretty pricey! Do you have the link for the site where you purchased yours?

  • Rebecca June
    31 mars 2013 - 21 h 16 min

    Can you email me the link to the pillow cover too?

    I would greatly appreciate it!


    Rebecca June

  • Monica
    4 avril 2013 - 2 h 50 min

    Love this cute transformation I am sending this to my daughter she will enjoy it.

    • Nadia
      4 avril 2013 - 12 h 05 min

      Hope she will enjoy it!

  • Lauren Teel
    9 avril 2013 - 18 h 58 min

    Beautiful!! Where did you get your lamb cover for the stool? I would greatly appreciate the advice, thank you!!!


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  • Bethany A.
    14 août 2013 - 19 h 15 min

    Love the stool! Please email the lamp fur cover resource to me also! Thanks.

  • Jenna Moss
    18 août 2013 - 12 h 57 min

    Hello! First of all nice blog and DIYs :D
    I’d like to know where you got the lamb fur from if possible. Email me if you want and send me the link :D
    Thanks! (
    I’ll make the stool and then upload it on blogger so I can credit you :D

  • Pattina R
    30 août 2013 - 15 h 01 min

    Love this site and your lamb fur stool. I, too, would love to ask where to get the lamb stool cover. Thanks!

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  • Julie
    13 novembre 2013 - 1 h 34 min

    Hi there, I’d love to make one for my daughter to go with the vintage dressing table I’m rejuvenating. I too am trying to find a cushion cover – your assistance in locating one would be wonderful.
    Your newest fan xx

  • Tina
    31 décembre 2013 - 14 h 29 min

    I too, would like the link for the pillow cover source. What a huge impact that little stool has in a room. Thanks for such a clever idea!

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  • Lindsay
    19 février 2014 - 3 h 44 min

    Is the cushion cover from west elm? I wonder if Ikeas lam rug would work?

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  • Diane
    27 mars 2014 - 3 h 18 min

    Love this so much! If it is not too long ago, please can you tell me where you got the pillow cover? It is hard to find one so curly. Thank you!!!

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  • Tamia
    21 avril 2014 - 15 h 53 min

    I absolutely love this, where did you get the pillow cover?

  • Feren
    14 juin 2014 - 5 h 18 min

    Lovely stool! Please share where you got the pillow cover and wood board.


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  • Megan
    24 juillet 2014 - 20 h 21 min

    I really want to make one for my daughter. Can you send me the link for the pillow cover? Thanks!

  • Brooke
    2 octobre 2014 - 15 h 33 min

    Fabulous idea and gorgeous wallpaper? Would you be willing to send me the link to the pillow cover AND tell me where you found such beautiful wallpaper? I would love to use it in a guest room.

  • Patty Virginia
    7 octobre 2014 - 16 h 29 min

    By far the cutest thing ever and looks pretty easy to make. Love, love, love it. Thanks!

  • julie
    4 novembre 2014 - 14 h 23 min

    i would love the link for the cushion cover! thank you!! this is fantastic!

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  • carrie
    2 février 2015 - 18 h 26 min

    please provide name/source of wallpaper – it is gorgeous!

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  • Tammy
    9 juillet 2015 - 22 h 30 min

    Would love the link to the pillow cover so I can make one for my daughters room. Thanks!

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  • Patti
    19 avril 2016 - 19 h 15 min

    Will you please email me the link to the pillow cover – hopefully it is still available!! Precious Idea!!!
    Thanks so much!!

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  • Sam
    12 décembre 2016 - 20 h 36 min

    Love this! Just wondering how much it cost you total? Trying to determine what the price difference would be between making it and buying one. Thanks again!

    • Nadia
      23 décembre 2016 - 19 h 03 min

      I think the total cost of this DIY is less than 50€. So much cheaper than to buy a mongolian lamb stool :)

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