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Preciously Me blog : Bohemian Home

I don't know why but lately I'm really inspired by bohemian homes ...

Je ne sais pas pourquoi mais dernièrement je suis très inspirée par les intérieurs un peu bohémiens...

Preciously Me blog : Bohemian Home
Preciously Me blog : Bohemian Home
Those unique boho-chic decors that mix textures and colours, warm interiors full of personality. This style always inspired me and I wish I could add a bohemian touch to my home with vintage furniture and decorative objects, colourful rugs and of course a peacock chair!

Ces décors au style boho-chic qui sont uniques, qui mélangent les textures, les couleurs, des intérieurs chaleureux et pleins de personnalité. Ce style m'a toujours inspiré et j'aimerais ajouter une touche bohémienne chez moi avec des meubles et objets de décoration vintages, des tapis colorés et bien sûr un fauteuil en osier Emmanuelle !

Preciously Me blog : Bohemian Home
Preciously Me blog : Bohemian Home
Preciously Me blog : Bohemian Home
I think those homes invite you to relax ... And what about you, does this style inspire you too?

Je trouve que ces intérieurs invitent à la détente... Et vous, ce style vous inspire-t-il aussi ?

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5 Responses to "Bohemian Homes Inspiration"

  • Elisa
    28 mai 2014 - 18 h 47 min

    I love the warmth they exude. I want a conservatory designed around this theme.

    • Nadia
      29 mai 2014 - 16 h 56 min

      This is what I also love, a bohemian touch makes any room warmer!

  • Albertina || Mimosa Lane
    28 mai 2014 - 23 h 07 min

    I like looking at them in magazines but it is not very much my style…I do enjoy bohemian pieces here and there though.

    • Nadia
      29 mai 2014 - 16 h 58 min

      I couldn’t have a whole bohemian room, I like this style but I prefer something a bit more ‘sophisticated’ maybe…
      But I like to add just a few beautiful vintage ‘bohemian’ pieces to make a room unique. I really liked the lounge that Noemi (Design Manifest) achieve for the ORC.

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