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Mimosa Lane

Today I'm really happy to be guest posting over here at Mimosa Lane!

Aujourd'hui je suis vraiment heureuse d'être invitée sur le blog de Mimosa Lane !

I love that blog filled with beautiful things about design and fashion. Albertina is a very generous person and of a great kindness. This is therefore an honor for me to be on her blog to take part in the series "A Few of my Favorite Things". You can check out the post right here!

J'aime ce blog rempli de belles choses que ce soit de la décoration ou de la mode. Albertina est une personne généreuse et d'une grande gentillesse. C'est donc un honneur pour moi d'être sur son blog pour participer à sa série "A Few of my Favorite Things". Vous pouvez voir l'article juste ici!




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4 Responses to "Guest Post on « Mimosa Lane »"

  • Albertina
    1 novembre 2012 - 19 h 22 min

    Thank you for your sweet words!! It is my honor to have YOU!!! Can’t wait to go shopping with you in Paris!

    • Nadia
      1 novembre 2012 - 21 h 03 min

      No problem, just let me know when you you come here and we’ll go shopping all around the city!

  • Adia
    28 novembre 2012 - 17 h 52 min

    Salut Nadia! I love your blog. Where did you get that gold shelving unit that you use for your shoes? Super cute!

    • Nadia
      29 novembre 2012 - 0 h 15 min

      Thank you for your lovely comment and I’m happy that you like my blog!
      The gold shelving on the pictures is a used one that I bought on eBay.
      If you’re patient I’m sure you should find one with the vintage items ;)

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