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Preciously Me blog : Jonathan Adler

It's already Friday but I could not let you leave for the weekend without making you a pretty present ...

Déjà vendredi mais je ne pouvais pas vous laisser partir en week-end sans vous faire un joli cadeau...

Preciously Me blog : Jonathan Adler
Preciously Me blog : Jonathan Adler
So welcome to this house that makes us travel back in time. A Decor by Jonathan Adler that takes us back to the 60-70's with colors, lot of ceramics particular on the walls, furniture and objects in retro style. These photos are great and it's not surprising when you know that they were taken by Richard Powers which I already mentioned a few weeks ago here. For my part, I love the quirky and bold style of this interior although I do not think I could live there all the time but it would be perfect for a holiday or a weekend.

Alors bienvenue dans cette maison qui nous fait voyager dans le temps. Une déco signée Jonathan Adler qui nous ramène aux années 60-70 avec de la couleur, beaucoup de céramique notamment sur les murs, des meubles et objets au style rétro. Ces photos sont superbes et pas étonnant quand on sait qu'elles ont été prises par Richard Powers dont je vous déjà parlé il y a peu juste ici. Pour ma part, j'adore le style décalé et osé de cet intérieur même si je ne pense pas pourrais y vivre tout le temps mais ce serait parfait pour les vacances ou un week-end. 

Preciously Me blog : Jonathan Adler
Preciously Me blog : Jonathan Adler
Preciously Me blog : Jonathan Adler
But I could easily see myself on that hanging chair by the pool ... After these few nice pictures, I just have to wish you all a great weekend!

Par contre je me verrais bien sans problème sur cette chaise suspendue au bord de la piscine... Après ces quelques belles images, il ne me reste plus qu'à vous souhaiter à tous un excellent week-end !





Images source Eclecchic

5 Responses to "Back in time with Jonathan Adler"

  • deniquo
    12 avril 2013 - 13 h 57 min

    My father’s an architect. A good one, although I say so myself. I grew up admiring him, his works and his profession. I took his advice and did not become one, but that’s another story, one I will regret till the day I die. Anyway, I was in secondary school and it was early 2000s when one day he came back from his office carrying a pile of old magazines. Maison Française issues from early 70s… For me! They were French -since Maison Française did not publish in Turkish back in 1970s- and I did not speak French. But it did not matter. They had black and white pages when color was so important for a retro interior design magazine, but it did not matter. Nothing mattered, I was so excited and happy to have them! I practically memorized every single page. Those magazines became my bedside references, coup de coeurs you would call it. :) I still hold on to them -having lived through the era, dad does not understand what I see in them.

    This post reminds me of the times I used to flick through the pages of a 70s issue of Maison Française under the desk at the back of the classroom during boring courses at school. So warm, a bit oversaturated and very orangey. 60s and 70s shaped design into what we know and love today, I guess.

    By the way, I might have mentioned this a couple hundred times, but I have to say it again: I luuurve your blog! ^^

    Great weekend to you too!


    • Nadia
      12 avril 2013 - 23 h 20 min

      Thank you so much Deniquo for your lovely comment!!!
      And I understand why you love all those old magazines, I wish I could have a collection of magazines from the 60 or 70’s with « pure » and perfect vintage interiors …
      So lucky you that your father gave you this amazing gift ♥
      Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Albertina || Mimosa Lane
    12 avril 2013 - 14 h 11 min

    I love it!! The ceramic everywhere is so cool. Love the sconces by the pool!! Happy Weekend!! No mail yet??

  • Nadia
    12 avril 2013 - 23 h 23 min

    Yes those sconces are really beautiful, the perfect retro style!!!
    Have a lovely weekend Albertina ♥

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