DIY : Beni Ouarain Moroccan Rug

Preciously Me blog : DIY Beni Ouarain Moroccan Rug

Bonjour my friends! I am delighted to begin this week with a DIY that you will certainly love ...

Bonjour mes amis ! Je suis ravie de commencer cette semaine avec un DIY qui devrait vous plaire...

Preciously Me blog : DIY Beni Ouarain Moroccan Rug
Preciously Me blog : DIY Beni Ouarain Moroccan Rug
Who has not coveted these lovely Beni Ouarain Moroccan rugs that can be seen in many interiors lately ... For my part, I have to say that I was looking for one for a while, they're just beautiful and it's a timeless decorative accessory because ot the mere colors and patterns. The only problem is the price which unfortunately is beyond the budgets of many of us ! So all those like me who dream of owning one of these wonders will love this DIY.

Qui n'a pas convoité ces jolis tapis marocains Beni Ouarain que l'on peut voir dans de nombreux intérieurs ces derniers temps... Pour ma part, je dois dire que j'en cherchais un depuis un moment car je les trouve magnifiques et leurs couleurs et motifs simples en font des accessoires de décoration intemporels. Le seul problème est leur prix qui malheureusement est hors budget pour nombres d'entre nous ! Alors tout ceux qui comme moi rêvent de posséder une de ces merveilles vont adorer ce DIY.

Preciously Me blog : DIY Beni Ouarain Moroccan Rug
This project is very simple to make and very affordable! I saw it a few weeks ago right here and since that I was thinking that I absolutely had to do it and now that's done.

Ce projet est très simple à réaliser et surtout très abordable ! Je l'ai vu il y a quelques semaines de cela juste ici et depuis je me suis dis qu'il fallait à tout prix que je me lance et voilà chose faite.

Preciously Me blog : DIY Beni Ouarain Moroccan Rug
For this very simple DIY you will need:
- An Ikea Adum rug
- Masking tape
- A black permanent marker

Pour ce DIY ultra simple il vous faudra :
- Un tapis Adum d'Ikea
- Du ruban de masquage
- Un marqueur noir indélébile

Preciously Me blog : DIY Beni Ouarain Moroccan Rug
And here is my rug before and just below after.

Et voici mon tapis avant et juste en-dessous après.

Preciously Me blog : DIY Beni Ouarain Moroccan Rug
Beautiful is not it! You can see all the instructions on Crystal's blog 29 Rue House right here.

Joli non ! Vous pouvez voir toutes les instructions sur le blog de Crystal 29 rue House juste ici.

Preciously Me blog : DIY Beni Ouarain Moroccan Rug
Preciously Me blog : DIY Beni Ouarain Moroccan Rug
It's so simple and fast! To be honest, yesterday afternoon I have had the time to go to Ikea to buy my rug, I went back home,  I customized it and I set things back to their place. And voila!

C'est si simple et si rapide ! Pour tout vous dire, hier après-midi j'ai eu le temps d'aller à Ikea, de rapporter mon tapis à la maison, de le customiser et de tout remettre en place. Et voilà !





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21 Responses to "DIY : Beni Ouarain Moroccan Rug"

  • Crystal @ 29 Rue House
    6 mai 2013 - 20 h 32 min

    Hi Nadia!!! I absolutely love it and you room is gorgeous!! I’m pretty sure I’ve been to your blog before and I’ll definitely be sure to stick around this time!!

    Oh yes, now I remember it is because of that bird wallpaper that was on Little Green Notebook with your stool! I LOVED that paper! The flamingo prints are so cute too and your wicker pink peacock looking chair is amazing!

    • Nadia
      7 mai 2013 - 1 h 17 min

      Thanks for your lovely message Crystal!
      This rug was really a great idea and I LOVE it!!!
      So congratulations and of course thank you so much for this clever DIY!

  • Elisa
    6 mai 2013 - 20 h 52 min

    You have such a beautiful living room. The rug looks great in there! I can’t believe it’s done with a marker. Who woulda thought?!

    • Nadia
      7 mai 2013 - 1 h 19 min

      Happy that you like my living room Elisa, I still have many things to do in this room but no time to finish everything …
      I hope I will finish it one day!

  • Lara
    6 mai 2013 - 23 h 38 min

    This is beautiful! I definitely want to do something like this!

    xox Lara

  • DRTVrMoi
    7 mai 2013 - 0 h 15 min

    I simply adore this idea. So will my poor husband, who has carried a rug or two back from Morocco. Thank you

  • deniquo
    7 mai 2013 - 12 h 35 min

    The DIY is something i will try, although i’m having a hard time finding sharpies…
    But Nadia, I have to say it: that coffee table is fabulouseness objectified!

    • Nadia
      7 mai 2013 - 13 h 09 min

      Happy that you like it Deniquo! Crystal had such a great idea for this DIY!
      About the coffee table, I bought it a few months ago and I love it too. It’s a vintage table of the 80’s but I still have to find the right accessories for this little beauty (beautiful books, flowers, candles…)

  • Albertina
    7 mai 2013 - 15 h 46 min

    Amazing!!! Love it!! I will link to this one on Friday as well!! Always so creative and amazing!! Love your peacock chair!

  • Tiffany
    7 mai 2013 - 17 h 12 min

    What a superb idea…also, I’m loving that coffee table so much.

  • Erin | Holtwood Hipster
    8 mai 2013 - 15 h 52 min

    Wow! You did it! I attempted this with a flokati + dye several months back and frankly it was a mess. The smaller pile in your rug + marker method seems the way to go. You have me rethinking this project for my own house with the new materials. Well done Nadia!

  • Andi of My Beautiful Adventures
    11 mai 2013 - 20 h 54 min

    I love it!

  • heloh
    17 mai 2013 - 11 h 54 min

    Mais comment je surkiffe cette idée!!!! trop forte!! (et j’aime beaucoup ta table aussi en fait.. génial)

  • Linsey
    13 juillet 2013 - 11 h 12 min

    Cutie Cutie Cutie, WWoooWW .. Your Living room is loooking so Great. I Also want to make my house like this. i’ll let you know when i got one.


  • Sarah
    12 août 2013 - 14 h 13 min

    I loved this rug..i wanna buy it.

  • Bigtab
    27 octobre 2014 - 22 h 45 min


    I’m actually asking a question about your living room :) Are those Ikea cabinets on the wall as your media console?

  • Christine
    28 octobre 2014 - 19 h 04 min

    Beautiful job on the rug! Would you mind sharing the source for your wall mounted cabinets on either side of the gorgeous, larger center cabinet?


  • Pam
    8 août 2015 - 14 h 47 min

    Where is the gold and glass coffee table from?? It is fabulous:)

  • Anna D
    4 février 2016 - 18 h 43 min

    I love this idea but can’t see the original blog on Crystal 29. Would you mind giving directions on how to measure so that it is accurate? Thank you!

  • May
    17 mai 2016 - 10 h 42 min

    Hello, I really like your diy, and I would like to do it!!! but I have a doubt .. The sharpie-pen is special for textile or not? I wonder if it could be erase if you wash the carpet? Sorry about my english !!

    Thank you!!

    • Nadia
      17 mai 2016 - 21 h 29 min

      Hola May,
      Thanks for your lovely comment and I am happy that you like the DIY Beni Ouarain rug!
      To answer your question and after time of use I would say now that the Sharpie is not the best pen for this project. Because I noticed that after a while it fades which means that it would probably erase if you wash it.
      I think that the best thing to do as you suggest in your comment is to use a specific pen for fabric or textile to avoid that :)
      Hope it will help you…
      Thanks again and have a lovely day!
      P.S: by the way your English is really good ;)

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